Family Readiness Program

Family Readiness Program


Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS), through Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB), supports the Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP) by providing family readiness training to unit Commanders, Command Teams, Marines and their families.

Your unit's Command Team is led by the Commanding Officer, who is responsible for providing
guidance regarding the execution of the UPFRP. Other members of the Command Team include:
the Sergeant Major, the Readiness Coordinator, the Chaplain,the command Single Marine Program representative, a Command Team Advisor and as many Family Readiness Assistants (FRAs) as
the CO deems necessary.

Command Team Training

Command Team Trainings are done at the request of a command. To schedule a brief, please contact MCFTB at 757-445-6875.

These briefs can be condensed or expanded to meet the needs of individual commands, but at the very least should include:

  • Commandant of the Marine Corps Guidance
  • Commander’s intent and concept of operations
  • Unit, Personal and Family Readiness program and Family Readiness definitions
  • Family Readiness Command Team Functions.
  • Unit, Personal and Family Readiness program mission
  • Characteristics of the UPFRP
  • Family Readiness Command Team Member roles, responsibilities and requirements
  • Program core components – Official Communication, Readiness and Deployment Support, Information and Referral, Volunteer Management
  • Funding
  • NAF Human Resources

Deployment or Uniformed Readiness Coordinator Training

Readiness Coordinator is a special staff member for the unit who provides oversight and coordination of all aspects of family readiness to include official communication to all members, command representation, information and referral, and unit support. Readiness Coordinator Training is conducted on an as-needed basis and can be scheduled by calling 757-445-6875.

Family Readiness Command Team Advisor/Family Readiness Assistant (FRA) Training

Family Readiness Volunteers are spouses and/or designated parents/extended family members of Marines who support and assist the unit commander and Readiness Coordinator in the execution of the UPFRP. The training provided byMCFTB provides the volunteer with the basic skills to step in and be an active part of the UPFRP.
Topics of discussion to include

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Communication information and guidelines
  • Information and referral

Operational Security (OPSEC) & Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Training

This is an overview training designed to orient and guide Command Team members in their responsibilities to protect personally identifiable information (PII) within and outside of their unit.
Topics of discussion to include

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Operational Security (OPSEC)
  • Publically Available Websites



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