Readiness and Deployment Support

Readiness and Deployment Support


Deployment readiness and deployment support are two of the most important
services offered by Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB).  The key to a successful deployment is preparation.  The Readiness and Deployment Support program highlights key areas of personal and family preparation for single Marines, married Marines—either active duty or reservists—and their respective families.

Pre-deployment Briefs

Pre-deployment Briefs are done at the request of a command.  To schedule a brief,
please contact MCFTB at 757-445-6875.
These briefs can be condensed or expanded to meet the needs of individual
commands, but at the very least should include:

  • An emphasis on the importance of being ready for deployment and the potential consequences for not being prepared.
  • Important considerations including Family Care Plans, Wills, and Powers of Attorney.
  • Pay entitlements and finances.
  • Preparing loved ones for deployment, including communication, care packages, planning and expectations, and the cycle of emotions during deployment.
  • Information for Reservists (as appropriate).
  • Local information and referral sources.
  • Information about talking to children about deployment.

Mid-deployment Workshops

Deployments can be one of the most challenging aspects of being a Marine Corps family.  Each individual has his/her own measure of deployment success.  The Mid-deployment programs offered by MCFTB are a great opportunity to assess your progress thus far and get new ideas for continued success!
Topics covered include:

  • Inexpensive and Fun Things to Do
  • Goal Setting
  • Information and Resources
  • Stress Management
  • Dealing with Emotional Ups and Downs

To find out more about our Mid-deployment Workshops, call MCFTB at 757-445-6875.

Return and Reunion Briefs for Spouses and Families

Return and Reunion Briefs are done at the request of a command.  To schedule a brief, please contact MCFTB at 757-445-6875.
Spouses, significant others, and families of returning Marines are eager to talk about homecoming anticipation, expectations, and concerns.  The ideal time to discuss homecoming is two to four weeks before a unit returns from deployment.  This allows enough time for communication to occur and plans to be made before the Marine returns. 
Topics for Return and Reunion Briefs include:

  • Planning for homecoming
  • Re-establishing your relationship
  • Changes and concerns
  • Children’s concerns
  • Renegotiation of Roles



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