Semper Fit
MCCS Camp Allen

Marine Corps Community Services
Camp Allen
1251 Yalu Street
Norfolk, Virginia  23515-4693
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Semper Fit Fitness  Director:
Michael Corrie

HITT Coordinator:
Connie Bechtel

Health Promotion Coordinator:
Jon Durham

Hopkins Hall Gym (Bldg MCA-603)

MAC Center

Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri 
0500 - 2100
0900 - 1700

Outdoor Recreational Equipment Rental:
445-2742 (Front desk)

Hours of Operation:
0900 - 1600

Semper Fit


 Local Hampton Roads Semper Fit facilities are located at MCA-603 gym on Camp Allen and offer a wide variety of services. In addition to a full complement of cardiovascular and strength equipment, the MCA-603 gym includes a full basketball court/functional fitness area.

Semper Fit is more that just fitness facilities and offers Marines an excellent opportunity for self-improvement.

Through our Health Promotions program we can offer your company or unit classes on weight reduction , Alcohol Awareness, Nutrition , Injury Prevention, STD/HIV prevention, Smoking Cessation and many others.

Services available at the local Marine Corps gyms include free one-on-one personal training by degreed and certified exercise science professional. We use cutting edge techniques including Kinetic Chain assessment, VO2 (Lactate Threshold Testing), Functional/Sports specific training, and RMR testing (daily caloric expenditure). Whether your goal is to rehab an injury or obtain elite athletic status we are here to help.

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