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RSO Class...Fridays @ 0900

As of March 20, 2020, the Range will be open everyday from 1000-1400 until further notice. There will be No Recreational Shooting during this time. We will only be open for Retail and Lockers. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Please continue to check our Facebook page for more updates. We Thank You All for your patience during this time!



To shorten your wait we recommend you bring a completed Privilege Card Data Form. The link is on the left side of this page.

Lane Rental Per Hour: $12.00
Guest: $6.00

Firearm Rental: $10.00
(Must Purchase Range Ammo For Rental)

Command Shoot: $126.00/Hour

Ribbon Qualification
Pistol: $50.00
Rifle: $60.00

Lost Privilege Card: $5.00


Membership Cost
Single Family

1 month - $32.00
3 months - $54.00
6months - $90.00
12 months – 150.00

1 month – $39.00
3 months – $65.00
6 months - $108.00
12 months – $180.00


List of Firearms for Rent

Hours of Operations

Monday - Friday: 0630 - 2000
Saturday/Sunday: 1000 - 1800
Holiday Hours 1000 - 1800

The first and third Monday of each month our bays will be closed for maintenace. We will open at noon on these days for shooting.

Recreational Shooting starts at 1100 Monday - Friday
If you wish to come earlier, please call for availability.


757-489-2585 or 757-489-2586


Open to all military, active and retired personnel, dependents & guests, DoD, law enforcement

A 25 yard indoor range located at Camp Elmore...On the corner of Rodman Avenue and Mogadishu Street



> black powder

> all 50 caliber

> green tip 556

> non-lethal shotgun

> anything attracted by a magnet including bi-metal jacketed import (some Wolf, Bear, Tul-ammo, etc)

> Aluminum cased ammo is acceptable so long as it meets all other requirements listed.

please check your ammo prior to arriving






Marine Corps Community Services - Camp Elmore
1251 Yalu Street, Norfolk, Virginia  23515-4693